2015 Program Launch: Social Change Through Mexican Youth!

We are proud to be off and running with our 2015 program season!  This year our vision of social change through Mexican youth is expanding in Baja while taking ahold in Mexico City.  Here are some early highlights:

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GJC Baja California Sur

Fall season for Baja began on  began on September 5th, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our program continues to grow, and we are now in three new cities in Baja California Sur, along with continuing our groups in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  Currently, our new groups are located in Guerro Negro, Loreto, and Ejido 2 in Comundu.


We have opened with 17 schools and a total of 380 youth, with a team of dedicated, strong, and supportive coaches!

The first meeting began by asking kids to share their personal stories as well as their dreams for the future. Coaches provide tools, mentorship, and a safe place to learn. Each week, they will work with small groups to identify issues that impact the local community. Then the youth choose one issue they want to change and set to work on designing a project that will make a difference.

GJC‘s program provides youth the opportunity to discover their full potential.

Baja programs will meet every Saturday through early December.  This was an amazing first day for our coaches and youth, and we’re looking forward to a great season!

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GJC Mexico City

Meanwhile in Mexico City, Gente Joven por un Cambio’s summer session came to a close at the Community Center MAPFRE-Universidad. This emerging program site is located just outside Mexico City in Pueblo de Santa Fe and is led by three coaches. Over the last three months, they have guided and worked with the three groups of kids on their social change projects.


To celebrate their achievements, closing ceremonies were held in the main street of Pueblo de Santa Fe. The kids felt excited and proud to present their projects to the community and their families, who came to support them.

We are very proud of our Mexico City coaches for their hard work supporting the youth during the development of their projects. And as for the kids themselves, we can’t say enough about their dedication.  Here are some highlights of their amazing projects:


  1. Youth from the community see lots of trash in the streets and want to make a change.  They know and understand the importance of working together to create a healthier and cleaner environment and community.  They believe by working together and sharing responsibility for cleaning the trash on the streets, their communities will be cleaner and healthier.
  2. Youth from the community want to have exchange students from other countries to teach English Classes at their local community center. They know that English Classes are important, and are aware that higher English level speaking skills will afford them more opportunities to reach their goals and aspirations.
  3. Youth are concerned about the lack of care dogs receive in their community. They want professionals to teach people how to provide the best care possible for their dogs, so that they are happy, healthy, and well cared for in the community. This group is putting together a special fair where, there will be veterinarians, professional dog trainers, and sterilization for dogs.
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    Our young people are showing they are aware and interested in solving problems in their community!  We are anticipating a bright future for GJC working in Mexico City.

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