Closing Ceremony Spring 2015

On May 23, after our youth completed their 14 sessions in program, and with great success, our Spring 2015 Closing Ceremony took place. It was a very emotional and special day for our youth and the Gente Joven Team. We concluded an amazing Spring Season; that was full of many new experiences and learning for our youth and team.

IMG_7736The event started with a lot of happiness, a special dance, guided by Caroline Wilson, Executive Director, and the question, “How are you?” Our youth were happy and excited to share their smiles and express the feelings to everyone present.

After that, we thanked each of the special guests who joined us. We said a very special thank you, to all the people that make Gente Joven por un Cambio, possible, because of their support and contributions, especially our founder and supporters, Mrs. Onagh Ash and her husband, Mr. Bill Ash.

We congratulated our youth for all their effort and dedication they gave during this past season. It was important to let them know, that they really are making a positive change in their life, in their future and the future of 11265025_1146541462038490_2565816724440066443_n-3others.

The closing ceremony was a special celebration to recognize all their hard work, commitment, and dedication during their 14 weeks in our program. Their final projects and videos reflected all the work they did during the development and completion of their projects during their 14 weeks. Each group created a video to show their social change project.

It was an honor to see all their hard work come to life through their videos. The social change video projects were: Discrimination, AIDS, Graffiti, Positive Attitude, Drug Addiction, Day Care Housing for Elders, Day Care Casa Hogar for Kids, and Recycling.

With lots of applause and shouts of joy, we began to conclude our festivities, but it would not be complete, without the traditional Gente Joven Family photo!

11265258_1146482635377706_6293985054248691322_n-3After the Ceremony, we gathered outside in the Plaza, and our youth were able to eat hamburgers and enjoy each other’s company, while; dancing, laughing, talking, joking, and singing. Some of the boys danced and sang in groups for all of us, which was fun to watch and listen.

Without a doubt, it was a very emotional and happy celebration, full of smiles, hugs, and sharing. Gente Joven por un Cambio youth have gained more self-confidence, are even more motivated and inspired to continue to achieve their dreams, are stronger and have the tools to create positive change in their lives and in their communities, and they know they will always have a family here at Gente Joven por un Cambio.


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